KALAS Passion Z3 Skinsuit Project TT 1.0 Mens

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The PASSION Z3 Project TT 1.0 is our fastest ever skinsuit optimised for time trialing. Using Vorteq patented technology, we spent many hours in the wind tunnel refining the pattern and selecting the ideal combination of fabrics. The final suit has been tested by Vorteq engineers and verified against leading competitor products. Developed by KALAS, validated by Vorteq.

Main advantages

  • Patented technology to improve aerodynamics.
  • Tests proved drag reduced by more than 5% compared to Sonic suit. (results change for different body shape and position)
  • Improved rider comfort compared to previous generation of skinsuits.
  • Integrated back number pocket removes needs for pins and improves your aerodynamics, saving time and prolonging the life of the suit.
  • Integrated radio pocket.
  • Sonic 3D pad.

Chamois: SONIC 3D pad

  • We work with the Great Britain Cycling Team and the world's leading manufacturer of cycling pads, Elastic Interface, to deliver special thin pad for specialist TT and Track riding which with unique 3D construction offers superior comfort despite being so thin. It provides maximum protection and comfort when in tuck position on your time trial or track bike.
  • Degree of protection: Ultra high

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