TheBlackLine Standard Gear Bag

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On the inside, 6 chain ring pockets are big enough to easily accommodate a 58t chain ring; store them individually or put up to three chain rings in each sleeve. There’s also room for six individual cogs, each up to 18t. Covering the inner left side is a clear panel that doubles as a closure for the chain rings and housing for a gear chart or race schedule. Ample seam allowance makes getting in and out of the bag easy, even when it’s totally packed.

Outside, the double-pull YKK zipper makes grabbing your gear quick and painless. Store your smartphone in the concealed front pocket and along with your gloves and put your chain whip or cog wrench in the rear pocket for easy access.


  • Rugged nylon outer panels for durability
  • Front exterior pocket ideal for carrying race numbers or gloves with concealed zippered pocket large enough for a wallet or smart phone.
  • Rugged #10 YKK Zipper w/double pull
  • 6 chain ring pockets capable of accommodating a 58t chain ring without binding (27cm/10-5/8″ wide)
  • 6 individual cog pockets each easily holding up to an 18t cog
  • Clear panel for gear chart or race schedule
  • 5 vertical pockets intended for use with: 15mm box wrench (up to 24cm/9.5″ long), hex key set, cone wrenches, peanut butter wrench, cog wrench, chain pliers, and/or a writing pen.
  • 1 covered & 1 open pocket for all the odds and ends
  • Rear exterior pocket large enough to hold a chain ring or chain whip up to 35.5cm/14 ” in length
  • 1 year warranty against manufacturer defect