SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube Starter Pack

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A clean and quiet running wax based lube that is a perfect addition to the SILCA Secret Chain Blend Hot Melt Wax or used on its own with its' starter kit chain stripper.

Completely strip and prep your chain for wax in 10 minutes. Submerge the chain or even just drip it on the chain, rinse, and apply super secret. Take all the work and harsh chemicals out of chain waxing!

• Biodegradable ingredients
• Cleans chain in 10 minutes
• Improves wax treatment adhesion
• Strip chain on or off bike
• Made in USA

Silca's innovative approach identified chemicals that effectively drive out greases and oils while promoting optimal wax adhesion to metal. The result is an organic cleaner within SILCA Chain Stripper, lifting and encapsulating greases and oils for easy rinsing, leaving the metal surface primed for enhanced adhesion from wax lubricants. Welcome to the world's first wax-optimized chain cleaner, offering not only a thorough removal of greases and oils but also an improved surface for superior wax adhesion.

The SILCA Chain Stripper's aggressive 'lift and encapsulate' action presents two efficient cleaning options:

  1. For Hot-Melt Waxing (New Factory Chain with SILCA Secret Blend Hot Melt)
    • Immerse the chain in the Stripper, agitate for 30 seconds.
    • Allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes, agitate again for 30 seconds.
    • Rinse with water, then drop the chain directly into hot wax for up to 30% longer application life compared to traditional methods.
  2. For Drip Applied Waxing (New or Nearly New Chain with SILCA Super Secret)without removing the chain from the bicycle.  
    • Apply 1 drop of SILCA Chain Stripper to each roller while backpedaling.
    • Allow it to soak for 5 minutes, backpedal 10 revolutions to agitate.
    • Re-apply 1 drop per roller, let it sit for 5 more minutes.
    • Rinse with clean water while backpedaling at least 10 revolutions.

What is it: It's a highly concentrated, biodegradable degreaser coupled with a wax adhesion promoter (primer), simplifying the factory chain preparation process for waxing. SILCA Chain Stripper reduces the time and number of chemicals needed to properly prep a factory-greased chain to less than 10 minutes. It's the key to preparing chains on a bicycle for drip wax application, ensuring a clean bike and an extended drivetrain life. Upgrade your maintenance routine and experience peak performance with SILCA Chain Stripper.