About Us

I have always been connected to cycling my whole life, no matter if it was a tool for getting around my neighborhood or later racing in all disciplines on all levels around the world. Until 2012 I never really rode the track and when I moved to Vancouver and came to the track, I fell in love with the discipline but also the people. Kelyn Akuna was at that time running the Burnaby Velodrome and we connected fast since his passion was electrifying  and I wanted to be part of this. A few years later we were working together and realized that the online world was missing a platform for track information and also track goods and we founded TheBlackLine since the black line is the fastest way around the track and we wanted to be the fastest. We added products we believed/ loved and articles we thought that riders would enjoy. We were trying to do the same online as we did in person on the track, be open and try to make the community better.
We were very happy with our first few steps but when Kelyn got the offer to move east and be the new director for the new Milton Velodrome we started to neglect the site a bit and it was never the same. We did not add products or take the care we should have and we always wanted to do so but we just did not find the time. In May 2020 I was shocked to get the call that Kelyn had passed away and my friend and partner was no longer with us and our community.
Looking at the TheBlackLine website was hard for me since we started it together but now after 3 years, I want this to be his legacy. This is why we have updated it and will slowly move all the content over and of course add new content and products. I want to be there for the track community the same way that Kelyn was always there for the track community! Our goal is to provide information and products and if something is missing, please let us know.

Michael Wegner

Find us on: https://www.youtube.com/@theblacklineca/videos
Find us at: Burnaby Velodrome (most Wednesdays and Fridays)