Fast Forward Carbon Disc Rear Tubular Lion

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The world fastest track wheel

When track riders need the ultimate weapon for their battle against the oval elements, the FFWD DISC-T Lion brings that last piece of the puzzle. The DISC-T Lion was created to break records, which results in the UCI world hour record in September 2021 by British track rider Joss Lowden.

The DISC-T Lion in details

  • Ultra-low weight of only 975 grams
  • Maximum aerodynamics, minimum air resistance
  • The first choice of National Track Teams
  • UCI World Hour Record holder 2021

Maximum aerodynamics and ultra-low weight

Thanks to the reduction of 50 grams, the weight of the DISC-T Lion has been brought to just 975 grams. The "Optimized Lenticular Disc Shape" ensures the best possible aerodynamics, while at the same time 20% more stiffness compared to the competitors wheels in this range.

Tubular rim and FFWD track hub

The FFWD DISC-T Lion uses a rim that is suitable for mounting tubulars, which is still the first choice for many competition-oriented riders. The track specific FFWD hub ensures maximum performance and also an extremely reliable quality. The DISC-T Lion wheel is standard supplied with end nuts for locking.

What's in the box

  • DISC-T Lion wheel (front or rear)
  • FFWD branded wheel bag
  • Locking end nuts
  • Sprocket lockring (rear wheel)