Squeezy Energy Gel

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Squeezy Energy Gels were the world's first products of this type and offer endurance athletes in training and competition a smart solution for professionally maintaining performance. Our formulations follow a clear philosophy that prohibits artificial and unnecessary ingredients as well as dyes and generally rejects anything that could affect stomach compatibility in some way.

Squeezy gels and liquids contain a particularly low concentration of dissolved particles (low osmolality) and multi-level energy release for a reliable energy supply through a high-quality carbohydrate mix.

The energy demand of the muscles that occurs during endurance exercise can no longer be adequately met by the body and its' storage after 90 minutes at the latest. Modern formulas such as Squeezy Energy Gel cover this need and supply the body with complex carbohydrates and minerals. Our variants with caffeine give the athlete an extra kick if desired, which motivates and gives that extra edge. Ideal for long-distance running (half marathon, marathon, ultra), triathlon, duathlon, cycling and many more.

Each product contains several sources of carbohydrates, timed to provide the body with energy in the short and medium term, as well as salt and potassium to replace the loss during sweating.

  • Complex and high quality carbohydrate mix for a multi-step energy release
  • Reliable supply of carbohydrates and minerals
  • Quickly digestible, well tolerated by the stomach and without dispensable ingredients
  • Vegan, free from lactose, gluten, artificial sweeteners and colors. Optionally also without fructose.
  • With sodium and potassium
  • Delivering 21g of carbs/gel (33g gel)
  • Designed to be consumed with 150-250mL of water or liquid to maintain the correct concentration in the stomach and to maximize absorption