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SILCA's Hot Wax X is a huge step up on the SILCA Secret Chain Blend Hot Melt Wax. Saving half a water over the latter, and up to 12W in total, you can stretch the span of time between re-waxing intervals on your chain with the Hot Wax X up to 800km.

Unlock unparalleled speed with SILCA – the pinnacle of Marginal Gain. Teaming up with Nobel Prize-winning graphene scientists, we exclusively incorporate Nanene® in our chain wax, setting a new benchmark for unrivaled performance.

• Saves up to 12w
• Save half a watt over Secret Chain Blend
• 300g
• Up to 800km re-wax intervals
• Clean to the touch on the chain
• No PFAS chemicals
• Get up to 30,000 km out of a chain

Revolutionizing Bike Lubrication with Silca Hot Wax X: Black Friday Exclusive

In the pursuit of optimal friction modifiers for Secret Chain Blend Hot Melt, SILCA's Josh Poertner delved into the potential of Graphene. Despite its high cost, typical applications yielded minimal performance enhancements. To uncover the truth, Josh turned to Versarien® PLC, the source of Nanene™ - the world's purest graphene, certified by the Graphene Council.

"Real Graphene is indeed the future," declares Josh Poertner. Nanene™ outperformed existing technologies, even against SILCA's acclaimed Secret Chain Blend Hot Wax. Independently tested by labs like ZeroFrictionCycling and Tour Magazin Germany, its excellence stands firm.

SILCA further strengthens its commitment through a partnership with Purdue University's Ray Ewry Sports Engineering Center (RESEC). Led by Jan-Anders Mansson, former President of AISTS, an IOC-co-founded organization, RESEC pioneers next-gen sports technologies, measuring drivetrain efficiency and standardizing smart trainers for E-racing in collaboration with UCI. Elevate your ride with Nanene™ Graphene and seize our Black Friday exclusive for cutting-edge lubrication innovation.

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