Don't Go Under

In the world we live in, where every one has a cell phone and each one a built in camera capable of high-def video, there’s always a chance your mistakes will come back to haunt you. From time to time we’ll feature videos of people making mistakes. It happens, this is a high stakes sport and no one is immune to crashing. Having said that, our intention is not to call out or ridicule people for making mistakes, but rather to learn from them so that we can collectively learn from those mistakes. I’d much rather learn from some else’s mistake than have to learn from my own!

In today’s video you’ll see the rider in the blue jersey with the red maple leaf drop under a rider as the pace slows in the front. Remember your first learn to ride class? The one where you were told never to pass on the left…Well, if you don’t this might be you.

So how can we avoid this situation? Remember that the key to safety on the track is predictability (you better get used to that cause I’ll say it a lot). If the rider in question was looking farther down the track he might have realized that the pace was dropping. If he could see that he would have realized he needed to be on the right of the person in front of him.

So, boys and girls, keep your eyes up and look down the track. If the pace starts to slow, never try to dive underneath the rider in front of you. 9 times out of 10, it’s a really bad idea.

Luckily no one was seriously hurt in this crash.

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